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Human Design

The Basics


Human Design is a wonderful way to learn more about ourselves. It allows us to dive into how we think, process, learn, and generally connect with the world around us. It gives us a clue into why we're each here and the beautiful impact we're meant to make in the world.  


Human Design is a system based on Western Astrology, the I Ching, the Chakras, and the Kabbalah. Using our own specific birth date, time, and place, these practices are combined to create a unique body chart which gives us detailed information on our Energy Type (how we interact and exchange energy with the world around us), Authority (our inner guidance and how we best make decisions), Profile (our personalities), Strongest Sense, Digestion, Manifestation Style, Emotions, etc.!  

Sessions can be booked for fun, to simply learn about ourselves or Human Design, to deepen understanding of our relationships, to personalize parenting for our children, when making big (or small) decisions in our lives, and so much more!

“This Human Design session with Erica stopped me in my tracks! This was like a user manual for my life and business!! Erica was able to help me connect the dots with how to use my Human Design with making business and personal decisions, how to use my energy to propel in life, how I like to receive information, and even how I should eat!!! It was mind blowing how accurate it was. It easily applies to your everyday life. I loved our session, she really does know her stuff and can show you how to apply it to your life in real time.”


"I really enjoyed our session. I found it interesting and think it helped me listen more to my body, mind and instincts. I think we're inclined to kick the can down the road, or think we're overreacting to things. The session helped me to pause and evaluate before I disregard a feeling. 
The big one for me was to listen to my gut - that my instincts are almost always spot on so I shouldn't disregard them. This has been huge in my work, health and financial world." 


"I've done some of my own research on Human Design and my personal chart over the last few years and thought I had a pretty good grasp of the system but my reading with Erica totally blew me away. I'm not even being dramatic when I say this is the best reading I've ever had. Erica reminded me of my own strengths and personal gifts and gave me tips on how to step into them even more."


“Erica’s reading about my Human Design helped immensely in giving me the permission to follow what I already knew to be true. Specifically, it helped me navigate a job change to find the right fit for me. Using some of the tactics that were true to my design, I was able to find the job that was best for me right now & met exactly what I’m looking for. I still use a lot of those tactics at work every day. I’m so grateful to Erica for her wisdom & encouragement to follow what’s true to me & to be confident in waiting for & knowing when something is right.”


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